I'm delighted to share with you some of the lovely feedback I have received from families I have helped in the past...

"My 5 month old daughter, Neave, would only nap for 30 minutes at a time during the day and woke multiple times during the night.


Within two weeks of starting Gemmas plan Neave was having two consistent naps each day lasting between 1.5-2 hours and sleeping for 12 hours at night! Before sleep training Neave would only go to sleep when being rocked/ in her pram, she is now able to settle herself to sleep quickly and independently.


Gemma was amazing and made this experience so much easier for all of us.

Thankyou so much for all your help! I am one refreshed mumma."


"I highly recommend Gemma to help with sleep training. As a Mum of 3 boys I have a bit of experience, therefore I was very sceptical that anyone could help me as I’d tried everything.

Being a Mum is a tough job, trying to function on no sleep is much harder especially when you have other children! 

My little boy was feeding every 3hours day and night, he would only fall asleep on a bottle and had a dummy. I dealt with this for 6months hoping weaning would help him sleep, but as a result of all night drinking he wouldn’t eat! Within 2 days Roman was sleeping through the night and we had dropped the dummy completely! Roman now has less milk, and enjoys 3 meals a day (3weeks later) It’s been life changing.


At these difficult times during Self Isolation, Gemma’s training has actually allowed me to homeschool my other boys. Before training Roman had lots of short naps all day. With Gemma’s guidance Roman now has 2x2hour sleeps during the day, allowing me to give my other children my full attention.

I can’t believe how much sleep Roman now needs and as a result he is so happy when he is awake. 

Use this time at home to teach everyone valuable lessons! 

Thank you so much Gemma xx"


"Should have booked sooner!!

Like most, at first I was hesitant to get the support from a sleep consultant for varying reasons, I wanted to be able to 'crack' it alone, I thought I knew what I was going to be told, I was fearful I would spend money and be no better off and I thought my child would be the one it wouldn't work on. Ha! How naïve was I!

From first talking to Gemma and biting the bullet and starting was roughly two weeks, two weeks of hellish sleep and a period of time I thought I could problem solve alone (how wrong was I).

Gemma was absolutely lovely from our first contact and throughout. After our in-depth consultation we received our plan which I was prepared for after speaking with Gemma.

The first two nights were the most challenging, but was already a vast improvement on life before. Gemma was there every step of the way giving advice and support! Even with our little boy having a bout of illness during our time the plan was incredible, we now have a little boy whose naps are so much better and he sleeps from 1830-0630.


Having known what I know now, I wish I'd never left it so long in booking Gemma.

We will definitely be recommending her to all our friends with babies.

Thank you again Gemma."

Zoe & Dan

"If only we had found Gemma earlier....We were amazed how quickly Jenson slept through the night after starting Gemma's sleep plan. We honestly did not think anything would work with Jenson and before our initial consultation were pessimistic, but thought "what have we got to lose". Well, we lost nothing and have gained so much- our evenings, our nights and some extra time in the day. Plus a very happy little boy who's cheekiness and character is even more amazing than it was before.


Jenson was waking 2 to 3 times a night, and feeding on wake up, and was completely unable to self settle. Whilst the nights were manageable what we struggled with was the fact that he would wake within 30-40 minutes of falling asleep, whether during the day or at night. It could then take another 30- 60 minutes for him to fall back to sleep. He also would only go to sleep after being rocked and jiggled to sleep. Within 3 days of Gemma's sleep plan Jenson was able to settle himself when he woke, without a feed or jiggle, and within a week he was consistently sleeping through with only a few squeaks during the night.  From week 2 we have bot needed to go in to him during the night.


Gemma was encouraging and extremely supportive throughout. We started the plan on 19 December and despite Christmas festivities she made herself available at all times to check in on our progress and answer our queries.  She reassured us when we struggled and tailored the plan to fit with Jenson's older brother and to help with nap time problems. We still cannot believe that Jenson sleeps through and have and will continue to recommend Gemma to other sleep deprived parents!


Thanks again for all of your help!"


"Sleeping Gems is the best thing we ever did for our 4 month old baby boy! We were extremely sceptical at first but we are overwhelmed and astounded by the positive impact it has had on ours and our babys lives. Our little boy would wake in the night sometimes up to 8 times, he would nap for 30 minutes max during the day and the only way we ever got him to sleep was rocking him in our arms.


We have now come out the other end with a much happier baby who sleeps through the night, who happily goes down in his cot wide awake and settles happily to sleep, and naps up to 2 hours long!


We can't thank Gemma enough for all her help and constant support. It has been worth every penny!"


"Her advice has been life changing for me and my family. My daughter now sleeps through the night, and can settle herself, previously she was cuddled to sleep and would wake regularly through the night and get into our bed.


Thank you Gem for everything!"


"I would highly recommend Gemma, she has changed our lives so much.

Our 7 month old was waking up every hour through the night and a nap in the day was a rare treat!
I knew something had to change and that I couldn’t do it alone.

Gemma was amazing so supportive and helpful with a plan that my sleep deprived brain could deal with.

Everyone from friends to my daughter’s swim teacher has noticed how much happier our baby girl is. Her development has gone through the roof and both of us are so much happier and healthier."


"My husband and I were initially sceptical that anyone could change our sons sleeping habits & thought he was just a baby who ‘didn’t sleep’. It got to the point that our 11 month old son was so tired & grizzly (and so were we!) that we decided we needed to try something.

A good night for us would be him waking 4/5 times a night and taking 10 minutes to settle, either fed or rocked to sleep.

A bad night he would be waking every 45 minutes and have up to a 2 hour awake period 2am-4am. On the first night working with Gemma we didn’t even have to go into his room!!!

Gemma was so supportive over the 2 week period and answered any questions we had immediately. Naps & bedtime routine were sorted! (And she also helped us to get rid of his dummy!!)

I wanted it to be a fairly soft approach and didn’t want him to cry for too long & this is the exact approach Gemma gave us.

We are so, so grateful for the help Gemma gave us and it has literally change our lives!

We would highly recommend Sleeping Gems!"


"At the beginning i was sceptic about sleep training but I've tried everything and I had nothing to lose.

I never thought Marcelina get to bed at 7pm and get up at 7am without her 2 bottles of milk. She always had bottle at 22.00 and then at 3am. 5am she would be ready to get up and play.

First night of training and she stayed in her bed for 12 hours!

Gemma was very supportive and always stayed in touch.

It was worth every penny.

Highly recommended!"



"My son always had pretty regular night wakings, and feeds but I just thought 'this will get better as he gets older'. Then we hit the 4 month sleep regression and he  was feeding 2 hourly overnight (more than he did as a newborn!) I was exhausted and knew we needed to do something. 

Gemma has been absolutely amazing in guiding us and helping my son become able to self soothe! He now sleeps for 12 hours a night with only 1 feed which I explained I wanted to do, so this was incorporated into Rory’s plan (it's a nice peaceful little moment just the 2 of us).

His daytime naps are great too, meaning, I can actually get things done around the house without having to rush at the thought he might wake any minute. Thank you so much Gem, I actually feel human again!" 



"Gemma has helped us get our little boy to sleep in till a more sociable time, she has gone above and beyond to ensure we are happy with a new routine to try.


She has texted me daily to check how we're getting on and edited the plan slightly if needed.

Thank you Gem xx"


"Having sleep trained our eldest at 6 months old we thought we knew what do do with our youngest but the truth was we didn’t! Having got to 18 months old we were sceptical we’d get a good nights kip again...

But then we met Gemma. From the first conversation we were put at ease and received a first class personal service from Gemma. It felt like she was invested in us as a family. Oh and we’ve definitely accomplished the dream of a good nights sleep with sleeping through and staying in her cot for 12 hours.


We highly recommend Gemma for anyone else out there suffering!"


"The sleep support that we have received from Gemma, has been life changing for me and my family.

Before seeking advice and support from Gemma, Amelia would only fall asleep, being cuddled, then wake again once she was put in her own bed, bed time was taking around 1.5 to 2 hours per night, she would then wake at least once in the night for milk, and end up in our bed, where she would toss and turn and wake regularly for a chat with us.  I was the only person able to put her to bed, meaning I never had any time to myself in the evenings, and would also be going to work tired the next day, from disrupted sleep. Until we found Gemma I thought we had a good bedtime routine for Amelia as well, turns out we didn’t.  She has helped us in so many ways, not just sleep, just from changing a few simple things.

Although it took us a bit longer than the 14 days the Gemma had suggested reaching our goal, of Amelia being able to settle herself to sleep and stay in her own bed. She now has a good established bed time routine every night, and she is normally asleep within 10 minutes of being put into bed, (awake) and sleeps all night in her own bed. Amelia goes to bed at 6.30pm now and wakes at 7.30am. She has dropped her naps during the day, however I think this is because she is in a good routine now and going to bed every night at the same time.

He reason it took slightly longer than the 14 days, was because we went out for the evening during the plan, and someone else put her to bed, and didn’t follow the plan completely so set us back a little bit, Gemma support and advise quickly got us back on track. However we could see massive changes  3 days into the plan, by this stage once Amelia was asleep, she would sleep all night in her bed.

Since starting the plan, as a family we have noticed that Amelia is much happier in herself, and her behaviour has improved, as she is now getting the right amount of recommended sleep for her age, this has also made a huge difference to her eating, just we were starting to think we had a fussy toddler on our hands, turns out she was just over tired, and we can now sit at the table every night as a family and she enjoys the food put in front of her.

Since seeking support for Gemma, Amelia is happy for anyone to put her bed, and my partner and I are able to enjoy and evening together,( and the bed to ourselves all night). My older son has also benefited as I get to put him to bed now as well, instead of it always being my partner.

From Day one Gemma was extremely encouraging, supportive and friendly. She spend time getting to know the needs of our family, and personalised the plan to suit us, she has ensured my son (age 8) could join in with the routine which was important to me.   She was always on hand to answer questions, and be there when things didn’t go to plan, as Amelia definitely challenged us at times during the 14 days.  I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone who needs help with their child’s sleep.

Thank you so much for everything, you have been truly amazing."