About Gemma

Sleeping Gems Gemma Axford

 Gemma Axford 

Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

I am a mother to a gorgeous little boy, and we live in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. 


Before qualifying as a Sleep Consultant, I worked as a Nanny for many years. I qualified in 2004 with a CACHE level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education. I embarked on a once in a lifetime opportunity nanny position working abroad, when I was 18, which was an amazing life experience! I have worked with many families since then, back home in the UK. 


I became a Certified Sleep Consultant following training in 2019. I was trained my Karen Bramall of Baby Sleep the Night tm. ​

When my son was born in 2016, I accepted that with a Newborn came sleepless nights. 

I wasn't quite so chirpy 10 months later when my little boy was unable to self settle, meaning we were up multiple times each night and his naps were sporadic!


I always hoped that as he got older, it would get easier but with returning to work in the back of my mind, the sleep deprivation was getting the better of me. I would often drive places, to then realise I had little recollection of the journey, I knew something had to give. 

We made the decision to sleep train our son with a Sleep Consultant. The positive impact it had on us was life changing, which is why I do what I do now. I am dedicated to helping other families, who are at breaking point, it is so rewarding, and the best feeling to know I am able to help people and transform their lives and relationships for the better. 

My Philosophy

As a mother, I know how important it is to know a child is well and content, sleep is crucial to aid the fast paced development children go through.

My Sleep Training method is gentle and each family I work with is treated individually; their needs are met with my bespoke plans. 

There will be no need for "Crying it out" or "Controlled crying". Each case is tailored for the child, and their needs. 

My methods are in line with best practices recommended by the UK's National Health Service,  the American Academy of Paediatrics and the Canadian Paediatric Society.